Portland 360 Video Production

360 VR Narratives (Live Action Film & Post Production)

Our extensive knowledge and experience in producing immersive games, tools, visualizations, and narratives put us way ahead of other studios. Expertly crafting and executing immersive content that viewers can’t stop talking about is what leaves a lasting impression – this is what we do at Giant Astronaut.

Being early adopters, we’ve experienced the pitfalls of bad VR – and 360 video is no different. If shot and edited incorrectly, viewers lose interest within minutes, or worse, become nauseous from improper movement, low quality, poor audio, and bad frame rate. It’s a stepping stone for an industry trying to transition into immersive storytelling. That’s why, when it’s done right, it stands out.

We focus on producing high-end 360 video by partnering with the best DP’s in the industry to capture seamless quality 360 video, live streaming, and aerial. Whether you’re a brand or small business. We collaborate at any part of the production to help your story succeed during pre-production planning, filming, editing, and playback. For example, say you filmed 8k 60fps and spent a week stitching and exporting only find out most viewers can only stream up to 2k 30fps, you just overspent $10,000. If you’re looking to fully immerse viewers in a filmed environment – camera height, distance, and focal length is crucial! Why does your awesome new camera which is a dream to stitch look awfully distant and distorted in a VR headset? Doh! These are just a few examples of many technical issues most production companies aren’t aware of.

We plan and test content for all VR platforms and take into account most 360 players will stream your content project your environment differently. We scope, conceptualize, capture, stitch, edit, tackle complete 360 VFX, mix spatial audio, and build experiences with precision. Leverage our expertise and give your audience something to talk about. Whether you’re looking for a brand related experience, commercial, behind the scenes documentary or short film, we’ve got you covered.

Ask us about our custom 360 video player. Detect viewer’s direction and execute shots without missing a narrative beat! Add interactivity and release your story across more powerful platforms.


Pre-Production & Advising

Ideation, writing, design, R&D, equipment selection, and technical shot planning.

Film Production

360 capture, stabilized drone, and remote controlled rigs. Spatial audio capturing.


4k batch previews. Seamless stitching and 8k exports. Distortion correction, etc

Post Production Editing/VFX

8k video editing. Object removal, VFX, and motion graphics. Spatial audio , VR platform testing, and multi-format exports.


We bring a powerhouse of deep-rooted storytelling, interactive experiences, high-end film production, post editing and visual effects.

  • Film and TV Marketing
  • Retail and Entertainment
  • Narrative (short films)
  • Documentaries
  • Sports
  • Travel and Real Estate
  • Behind the scenes
  • Visual effects



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OSL Online 360 Commercial

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