VR Development & Production Consulting

By 2020, the VR market is forecasted to exceed $150 billion and most brand stories will be told in VR & 360 narratives. The opportunities to apply and achieve process innovation are huge, however VR has a learning curve and challenging the industry to push the boundaries and produce it right.

Giant Astronaut has devoted years in VR research and development and will continuously invest time in exploring emerging technologies to evaluate the inclusion of it for education, training, retail, and entertainment. We know what works and does not work and our mission is to provide VR consultancy to enhance the ideation, creation and realisation phases of our customers by testing, developing and applying new methods and ideas to any concepts.

We are always innovating to keep your content fresh and ahead of the curve. If your team is looking for VR and AR experts, contact us to schedule an appointment. It’s our passion to move the industry move forward and help companies and developers produce exceptional immersive experiences.

The Solutions We Advise

  • 360 Camera Systems
  • Filming & Post Techniques
  • Narrative Interaction
  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
  • Mixed Media
  • Retail & Entertainment
  • Game Development / Modification
  • Trade Show & Product Demos
  • Training & Education
  • Architecture & Real Estate
  • Existing App Integration
  • Spatial Audio
  • Networking
  • Web VR / React VR Implementation
  • R&D
  • Platform Options
  • Streaming & Sharing
  • Building VR Kits
  • Custom Hardware
  • User Engagement